We’re The Bleakley Family


Hey there, I’m Charmaine.  Currently working in the healthcare industry with an interest in local and overseas travel with my family.  I am also passionate about raising resilient children.  I will be the main person posting new blogs with our children helping me out later on down the track with their very own blog page.

My husband, Zac, a Refrigeration Mechanic.  The worlds greatest Dad with a sense of humor like no other.  Full of #dadjokes at the most inappropriate times.  We wouldn’t be where we are in life today without this amazing man in our lives.

Introducing, the oldest, Lulu!  Recently turned teenager with a very gentle soul and a pretty good attitude… *knock on wood*  She enjoys athletics and currently competes at a National level here in Australia.  Still deciding on what she would like to be when she grows up.  Also shares an interest in modelling, travel and learning all about new cultures.

My husband has 2 daughters.  Lilly & Ellie are both currently in primary school and live full time with their Mum on the sunny Qld Sunshine Coast.  We are very lucky to get them when we can during school holidays.   The girls will be sharing in our blogging adventures as well when their time with us falls during our travels.  They love adventure  as well and love to dance.

Our youngest traveller, Preston is 4 years old turning 14.  Loves everything outdoors,  trucks, cars, planes, dirt, animals, farms, superheroes and transformers.  His favourite animal is a cheetah because they are fast and loves to admire eagles soaring through the air!

Coming Soon….Baby Traveller 2019

We all have a weakness for anything chocolate and admittedly we don’t mind a bit of binge Netflix when we get the chance.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we look forward to meeting you all and hope you enjoy our posts.


The Bleakley Family