Cruise Prep Extras!

  You've booked your first all inclusive cruise holiday for your family..You're excited and you're beginning ask yourself all sorts of questions? What do I pack?  Will I need this?  What if I get sea sick? What if the kids get sea sick or any illness for that matter?  Can I buy this on the... Continue Reading →


Travel Snack Ideas & Tips

15 Snacks To Pack for Your Road trip!   We all have different taste buds, I get that..and I'm not sure if anyone else notices but our little ones taste buds seem to change, ALOT..One week they will be eating strawberries and the next week they will be telling us that they don't eat them... Continue Reading →

Australia’s Capital Territory

VISITING CANBERRA If you've read our previous posts you will know that our eldest daughter, Louvaro is a National Athletics Champion. We've been lucky enough to travel to a few of our capital cities in Australia for different competitions.  We've travelled for sport for the last 3 years and this post is about our visit to... Continue Reading →


STANAGE BAY, QUEENSLAND Ideal for the whole family or just a fishing trip with mates, Stanage Bay is  a hidden gem located on the Queensland  coast. Where the dirt road meets the ocean We're already four weeks into our new year and our main New Years Resolution was to do more little road trips. Long weekends... Continue Reading →


It's been 2 years since Jump Day and what better way to remember the day.. with a blog post. Our daughter, Lulu, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition as mentioned in previous posts.  One of her things of things to do on her visual bucket list was to skydive.  Funny enough her Uncle had... Continue Reading →


It was the first day back to school for my first born and only child in school. I was prepared for school before Christmas and this is a first. Usually, I'm like most of the Mums that are still recovering from the festive season and racing around last minute trying to make sure they have... Continue Reading →

Two weddings and a Cruise

TWO WEDDINGS We were planning our own location wedding when we were invited to a good friends location wedding and I was given the honour of being a bridesmaid..what better way than to turn a cruise holiday into an epic wedding vacation. I was planning my wedding in Vanuatu and sending my dress measurements to... Continue Reading →

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