End of Year Reflection Activity

I completed another year of studies. That means only 2 more years to go!

Roger Focus

Have you seen one of these? It’s called a #rogerfocus We noticed Preston to be a very quiet student at school. He also took a little longer in learning how to read. To be fair, last year wasn’t the greatest year to start prep but he powered through and this year he has gotten off…


It’s been 2 years since Jump Day and what better way to remember the day.. with a blog post. Our daughter, Lulu, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition as mentioned in previous posts.  One of her things of things to do on her visual bucket list was to skydive.  Funny enough her Uncle had…


It was the first day back to school for my first born and only child in school. I was prepared for school before Christmas and this is a first. Usually, I’m like most of the Mums that are still recovering from the festive season and racing around last minute trying to make sure they have…

Sports Parents with a Legally Blind Athletics Champion

FIRST NATIONAL EVENT I am a big believer in getting kids involved with sport.  Most of the time you will be enrolling your child into all the different sports they are choosing to try before they pick something that they are good at and enjoy.  We have tried dance, cheerleading, swimming,  Oz tag and karate….