Tangalooma Adventure

If there is one place I can recommend you visit in Queensland, that is at the top of my list, it is Tangalooma Island Resort on Gheebulum Kunungai, also known as Moreton Island. Just off the coast of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane; this magical island offers beach side accommodation from budget hotel rooms to units, apartments and houses to suit your budget or size of travelling party. Stay for the weekend, the whole week or head over and enjoy the resort for the day. Either way, once you experience the refreshing island life on Gheebulum Kunungai, you’ll be coming back for more.

To get to the island you can opt to board the Tangalooma ferry for a fee, with a few different departure times to choose from throughout the day. You will need pre-book your ticket and check-in is an hour prior to departure time. Alternatively, if you have a 4WD and wish to take your vehicle with you, you can board the MICAT for a fee and appreciate the entire 4WD island while you are visiting. If you are planning to take your vehicle, ensure you plan ahead and book in early as it is first in best dressed. Once onboard the MICAT you can reduce your tyre pressure, then head on upstairs for a cold drink or bite to eat and enjoy the short trip over. If you are taking your own vehicle over, it’s important to note that this island is a 4WD ONLY island, and you will also need a permit for both driving and camping on the island, which can be purchased, here.

There is lots to do when visiting Gheebulum Kunungai, but before you go or while you’re there you should take some time to explore the history of the traditional owners and the most recent history of how the resort was established. In my research I uncovered an interesting story of the local dolphins and their connection to the island. The dolphins are still present today and the resort offers an educational feeding session for those wanting to add this experience to their travel log. We loved the experience and were pleasantly surprised by how large and gentle these guys are to observe dancing in the water up close and personal.


When you’re not exploring the entire 4WDing island you can enjoy the luxury of land and water based activities the resort has to offer with many FREE activities as well as tours and experiences for a small fee. A quad bike tour was a hit for my family, weaving the tracks through the bush and along the beach. No experience necessary either with Mum and Dad permitted to double with children from 5 years of age, provided you sign the waivers and hold a current drivers licence. If you enjoy new experiences, Tangalooma also have sand tobogganing and many more land based tours for you to discover.

Once you’ve enjoyed some extreme land-based activities it’s time to get wet and discover the water-based activities with snorkelling the Tangalooma wrecks a must if you and your family are capable swimmers. Hire a small boat and head on over or walk the stretch of beach to get to the wrecks and discover what sea life is close to shore. HOT TIP: take a pool noodle to the island, particularly for new swimmers, this will come in handy for beginner snorkelers. When we hired the boat, they provided us with life vests which came in handy when we got to the wrecks.

When you’re not thrill seeking, there is a wide variety of FREE activities the resort have to offer.

If you’re adventuring with your 4WD, there is heaps to discover for you from light houses, lagoons and World War II relics. Check the tides and head out for an adventure filled day for everyone to enjoy. HOT TIP: Always to remember to be mindful of the tide times both when leaving and returning to the resort.


The resort boasts a few different options for you to wine & dine after a long day of exploring. The local cafes offer a range of delicious café foods or tantalise the taste buds with some chinese or Vietnamese cuisine.

If you’re out adventuring or camping on the island, the island also offers Castaway’s café and general store for the wild adventurers tackling the sand dunes. Castaways is know for a delicious Sunday breakfast, so make some time to pop in and say hello to the crew.


You can’t visit Tangalooma and not leave without a souvenir, well you can, but if you’re a collector of things then you might enjoy a little sticky beak around the resort store. A range of clothing, hats, bags, jewellery and other knick knacks can be found here and is located on the ground floor of the Deep Blue apartment complex..

A convenient range of food, drink and snacks are stocked here as well as some over the counter medicines such as Panadol. I can confirm that they also supply children’s Panadol for those unexpected times of need. Conveniently this store is also open daily.

Once you’ve explored, adventured, wined and dined, sit back relax and enjoy the islands sunset.


  • Remember when taking you’re own vehicle via the MICAT to book in advance and purchase your permit
  • Be mindful of tide times when adventuring around the island via 4WD
  • Take a pool noodle for beginner snorkelers
  • Yes, you can take an esky full of BYO food and drinks
  • The Tangalooma ferry delivers your luggage to your room
  • Adventures are a lot more fun with friends, plan a family/group trip
  • Hire a small boat to get to the wrecks or book a tour
  • There is a convenience and gift store located at the resort
  • Absolutely include the FREE dolphin feeding session in your trip over or for a fee book your wild dolphin feeding experience
  • Castaway’s café is available on the northside for those out adventuring
  • There are plenty of FREE activities to utilise

I would love to hear your hot tips for when you visit Tangalooma Island Resort in the comment.

Thanks for reading our quick blog of Tangalooma, we hope you enjoy the island just as much as us.


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