Roger Focus

Have you seen one of these?

It’s called a #rogerfocus

We noticed Preston to be a very quiet student at school. He also took a little longer in learning how to read. To be fair, last year wasn’t the greatest year to start prep but he powered through and this year he has gotten off to a great start. Prestons prep teacher suggested we begin testing for a processing disorder. So we did exactly that! If there was one thing I want for my children while they are at school is that they don’t struggle. And my #motherlyinstinct is willing to do what it takes to help him ♡

⏩We have an upcoming appointment with an ENT specialist and we also took him for further hearing tests. Now this is where it gets interesting. Prestons hearing is within limits. He can hear just fine! However, he is unable to process sound from one direction and supressing sounds from another, becoming overwhelmed and going into flight mode. He would just shut down and not rake in anything.

You can only imagine the stress he was under in a classroom environment. No wonder why he got so behind. I am grateful for wonderful teachers who are onto it. His teachers have been providing critical one on one learning to help him get to where he needs to be while we await our trial of the roger focus and my goodness he has improved already!

The device can be quite up there in price so a trial is necessary in determining whether he will actually wear it all day before we spend a small fortune. But, it will be totally worth it.

Anyway, our trial has finally come Preston and I super excited. He is feeling pumped to be hearing even the quietest whisper. He calls it #supersonichearing 🥰

Full kit

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