Frequent Flyer Rich



We all swipe our cards but are we actually using them and redeeming the points?

OR are you notorious for just hoarding your collection of cards?  You signed up because it was FREE and it was easier for you to say yes to the check out chick? And now you have a wallet full of cards, or maybe a spare wallet full of cards that you don’t actually use!

For us, it’s a HELL YEAH we use our points!

We have our favourite reward programs that we use ALL the time and then we have others that are stashed away in the ‘other’ wallet/purse that we haven’t seen since we signed up.

Our two favourite loyalty programs are actually Velocity Frequent Flyer Program  and the Flybuys program.

With your Flybuys you’ll collect majority of your points as you do your weekly shop.  You’ll get regular emails of specials, opportunities to collect bonus points, accumulate points to either redeem off your shopping (which there are many stores affiliated with flybuys to help you on your earning journey) or transfer your points over to Velocity points.  It’s simple!

We utilize our points for both shopping and transfer what we don’t use during our holidays over to our frequent flyers card to get us closer to our future travel plans and frequent flyer goals.

I know what you’re thinking… collecting velocity points takes forever… but there are actually hundreds of ways for you to collect points. And here’s where I tell you…

‘It gets better‘…

The Velocity Frequent Flyer program can actually benefit your family and get you redeeming sooner than you think or maybe you just want to experience the benefits of the velocity lounge or free upgrades.  Either way, here it is…

Family Pooling

Join up to six family members up the program and have all the points and status credits or just your points from your family members transferred over to you or whoever you decide as the beneficiary member of the points.  It’s really that easy.  This great program will help you fast-track your family travel plans and have you sipping on your wine in the velocity lounge as you wait to depart on your next overseas journey.

There is so much more as you grow your points balance and many different airlines and stores affiliated to help you earn.

Join your entire family up to Velocity Frequent Flyer program and find out how to fast-track your points and all the finer details here.

And become a #earnbassador today.

Share with us your latest adventures in the comments.



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