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You’ve booked your first all inclusive cruise holiday for your family..You’re excited and you’re beginning ask yourself all sorts of questions? What do I pack?  Will I need this?  What if I get sea sick? What if the kids get sea sick or any illness for that matter?  Can I buy this on the cruise?

Pack all your usual personal hygiene products in travel size.  If you don’t mind packing the normal size products, go for it!  Or settle for what is supplied on board.

You will mostly likely over pack for your first family trip, and that’s OK; most of us do. As you and your family evolve you will learn what is right and wrong to pack for your family.  Here is a little bit of a guide for you in case you need some ideas.😁

First of all, check your passports are actually up to date. 

Note:  Some cruises will need your passports to be valid at least 6 months beyond the return date.


If you’re travelling with kids don’t worry about packing too many every day clothes.  Most cruise liners have a laundromat.  Keep a few dollars in the draw for the washing machines, dryers and laundry powder.  If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to pack a small  packet of your preference laundry liquid/powder.  We used what was available on the ship and it did the job.

Pack a collapsible laundry basket/hamper to put all your dirty washing into; this way when you are heading to the laundromat it makes your job a little easier.  Folds easily into your luggage.  If you are packing plastic bags; consider reusing them to pack your  dirty shoes in when you are packing your bags at the end of your cruise.

Another GREAT item to pack is a peg less clothes line.  There should be a small one in your shower recess but when your travelling with kids you will have a lot more wet/damp items than the line provided can handle; like wet swimmers and hats. Compact and easy to use.

TIP:  Don’t leave your washing for the last minute.  As soon as you have a full load head down and get the washing done.  


We pack our usual First Aid kit supplies but I like to be prepared for the unexpected..#Mumlife💊

The little extras that we packed:

  • Paracetamol (for the kids and parents)
  • hydrogen peroxide for all cuts or sores
  • electrolyte supplements (we use the purple Hydralyte sachets)
  • ginger tablets ( worked great for me; our kids didn’t seem to get sick)
  • ask your pharmacist for other travel sickness prevention for your children
  • eye drops (swimming & air conditioning can dry your eyes)
  • hand sanitizer (maintain hand hygiene at all times)
  • throat gargle  (in case you pick up any nasties)
  • antibacterial wipes ( wipe the toilet over before using it, etc.)
  • Pawpaw ointment (I have one in my home, car and bag..all time favourite)
  • cotton wool & tips (just a couple of each in a small ziplock bag)
  • eucalyptus rub
  • Berocca ( this one is great for Mum’s & Dad’s to give you your bounce back after an exhausting couple of days)
  • Probiotic (if you’re super cautious you could even pack these)
  • Fess for little noses (in case your little ones get a stuffy nose or hay fever)
  • Thermometer

Image for Lucas' Papaw Ointment - 25g from AmcalImage for Ocean Healthcare Anti-Bacterial Wipes - 30 Pack from AmcalImage for Betadine Sore Throat Gargle - 120mL from AmcalImage for Gold Cross Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - 100mL from AmcalImage for Hydralyte Apple Blackcurrant 4.9G - 24 Sachets from Amcal

Of course, wherever you are reading from there will be similar products to these options.  These are just my personal favourites we use that I am using for examples only.

I know it sounds like heaps to pack but you can get most of these in travel size so you can easily pack them into a small toiletry bag.  And if you need anything in the middle of the night, you will have everything in your cabin!  Convenient right!👌


At the top of the list is, of course, SUNSCREEN & ZINC!  Do some research to find a great product that suits you and your family.   It’s important to be sun safe so don’t forget your hats.  If you’re spending a  lot of time in the sun it may even be a better idea to take sun safe swim wear.

TIP:  Utilize the shade as much as possible when spending the day in the sun.  Especially in the middle of the day.

Depending on your cruise ports I think it’s a great idea to pack some Aerogard or something similar.  Mosquito’s are known to transmit a variety of serious diseases so it’s best to safe gaurd yourselves and reduce the risks.

Here’s a secret weapon that you may or may not want to pack.

After sun aloe vera gel.  Great when you can’t get your hands on fresh aloe vera.  It’s soothing if you are too busy to reapply and get a little too much Vitamin D.☀️


Save the arguments and pack a USB port hub.  This way you can have all your electronics charging at the same time.

If you’re worried about your device running out of batteries, a power bank is another great option.

For the battery operated devices, remember to pack extra appropriate batteries.  It’ll save you a small fortune as purchasing on the cruise ship may be at a higher cost.🔋

J.Burrows 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub Black


NIGHTLIFE – There are some nights that have dress codes.  We researched our themes and packed the appropriate outfits and costumes relevant to our cruise.  Our dress codes were:  Back to school, Gatsby, White and cocktail.💃🕺

I know what you’re thinking…’I won’t be dressing up’.. Well I was nervous about it too but I stepped out of my comfort zone and packed matching outfits for the whole family and it was so much FUN!  I can’t recommend it enough.


If you plan on going snorkelling; pack your own snorkel gear.  There is equipment available for hire but this can become quite expensive when you’re travelling with kids.

We packed our own aqua shoes as well. Not very fashionable but the coral can be quite sharp and getting an injury from coral can cause infection quite quickly.🏊‍♀️

TIP:  Before you leave head to a $2 shop and purchase your family LANG YARDS  These are not supplied and can be expensive.

You’ll get a program delivered to your room so it isn’t a bad idea to pack a HIGHLIGHTER to highlight the activites you’re interested in..and if you like BINGO, pack your pens🖊 These are available on the cruise for a small fee, so don’t stress too much if you forget yours😄


The absolute BEST tip I have been told and one I wished I had used was to pack some magnets or make a fancy door sign.  The halls all look the same so make your door stand out from the rest with some decorations..If only I knew this when we cruised the Pacific.🖍


Another hot tip I learned from our last cruise was to pack walkie talkies…this makes for easy communication with your friends and family during your cruise.  It’ll save your legs when you’re roaming the halls trying to find where everyone is to plan lunch or dinner.  This is particularly helpful when travelling with teenage children.  They are impossible to find!📱📣

Trust me…we are so reliant on our phones that when you are suddenly without one you realise that we have terrible communication skills.  

I have to admit that I absolutely loved being off the radar during our trip.  There are wifi options available but we opted to detox and immerse ourselves wholly in our holiday.


When you’re on an all inclusive holiday you can’t help but make an absolute pig of yourselves.  I think we all put on 5KG each.  So maybe walking the endless halls trying to find your travel buddies wasn’t a bad thing.😂



What are your must have bits and pieces when you go on a cruise?

What are your top tips when cruising?

Would love to see if everyone else travels with a fully equipped pharmacy..😂😂


♡Mrs Bleakley




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  1. Linda e says:

    your road-trip looks like a well planned one

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  2. Arielle Joy says:

    great tips on things to remember. I personally love the extra battery chargers, those can be a life-saver!

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