It’s been 2 years since Jump Day and what better way to remember the day.. with a blog post.

Our daughter, Lulu, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition as mentioned in previous posts.  One of her things of things to do on her visual bucket list was to skydive.  Funny enough her Uncle had won a skydive through a raffle around the time of her diagnosis and he made it known, pretty much immediately that he had no interest in throwing himself out of a plane.  I don’t blame him – it’s not on my list either.😂

He asked Lulu if she would like to take up the opportunity.  She thought about it and decided she would JUMP!

The process was a long one.  Due to he being the young age of 11 she needed permission from the Australian Parachute Federation.  Yep, you read right, she was only 11 at the time.  They approved her and before we knew if she was getting ready to skydive.


It wasn’t until the day that we decided that my husband would be jumping too.

They were strapped and walked through all the safety procedures and up they went in a small plane.  I cannot describe the thoughts that were going through my mind.  I had just let my daughter go off to be dropped mid air from a small plane.  It was intense for me so I can only imagine the thoughts of my daughter and husband.

I drove down to the landing location where all our family were waiting, which was at a local beach 5 minutes drive from the hanger.

We watched these tiny little specs fall closer and closer until we could clearly make out who was who..Lulu jumped first and Zac jumped second but due to the weight difference. Zac was the first to land.

We could hear the excitement from the ground and as they got closer we could see the big cheesy grins on their faces; my mind was finally at ease knowing that they were in fact enjoying themselves.



They did a fantastic video of all the pre jump, during and after interviews and something I would highly recommend to everyone is to purchase the video.

If you’ve had this on your bucket list for some time now, I hope this post inspires you to tick it off sooner.



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