It was the first day back to school for my first born and only child in school. I was prepared for school before Christmas and this is a first.

Usually, I’m like most of the Mums that are still recovering from the festive season and racing around last minute trying to make sure they have everything they need for school.

Then you need to contact ALL thier books. Which you learn to admire the bubbles from your mistakes that become all too common, EVERY YEAR!

Why can’t we get it right 😂 And why are we so anal about getting it right? Why does it matter? We don’t have to look at them everyday 😂 Is it just our motherly anxieties that cause us so much grief in getting it perfect?

We all try different techniques but somehow every way you try it still bubbles. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t struggle with these problems😜

That being said, I did start getting quite good at it being it was her 9th year of schooling and guess what..My skills were not rendered this year.. I had the luxury of not having to worry about it covering her books. In high school it’s just not cool! 😂

I suppose I am back to square one when my next one starts in 2019! Gosh, I really hope it’s like riding a bike and I pick up where I left off. 😆


I decide to go to our local grocery store which is behind her school, I figure I have plenty of time and there was no way I would be late. It was quiet when we went it to the store but when we came out it was mayhem!

I don’t know what happens to some parents but they get all kinds of crazy of an afternoon. The shopping centre car pack was jam packed full of parents picking thier kids up from the shop and I’m guessing they’re trying to avoid the school pickup line. I don’t get it..what difference does it make? So now BOTH pick up lines (yes we will call the shopping centre car park a pick up line) are full. I’ve put the groceries and my son in the car and wait my turn to move out of my car park into the que.


I’m still waiting and I feel my stress levels beginning to rise with the thoughts of being late, so now I resort to pushing my way through to the que very steadily as to give the other drivers time to realise I am going in..AND the looks I was getting was as if I were doing something wrong. 😂Geez!

It’s every man for themselves in the school pick up lines.

And if you’re wondering. YES, I was 15 minutes late but guess what..NO CUE! 😂 I think being late is actually a good thing now😁



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